Merck publishes its 2020 Sustainability Report

DESCRIPTION: Merck has published its Sustainability Report for 2020

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Symrise and Van Aroma launch learning platform for Indonesian patchouli farmers

Benefits of the Nilampedia platform include providing interactive opportunities between the Nilampedia team and the farming community to discuss agronomical challenges such as flooding or plant diseases in real-time

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Symrise develops a highly effective solution for itchy scalp

Symrise has introduced a unique and highly effective solution for itchy scalp

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Why late stage customisation is important in pharmaceutical manufacturing

Late-stage customisation is vital due to the latest serialisation legislation worldwide

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Iberchem expands activity in Africa

The Iberchem Group is expanding its presence on the South African market by bringing together the teams of Iberchem, Scentium and Versachem under the name of Iberchem South Africa

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Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients launches new digital campaign

Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients appoints a brand ambassador who conveys the values and identity of the division

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IMCD expands its pharmaceutical partnership with Dupont

IMCD and Dupont Health and Nutrition have agreed to expand their partnership in Pharmaceutical Ingredients to Kenya, Uganda and Egypt

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Symrise and CRIEPPAM launch lavender biodiversity project

Symrise has launched a joint research project with CRIEPPAM on lavender farming aimed at crop resilience, improved biodiversity and additional income for farmers

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