Stratton Packaging

Stratton Packaging started by concentrating on equipment for the closing of boxes and bags. The company carries a full range of heat sealing machinery from table impulse sealer to foot operated sealers, for closing of poly bags and laminated materials. From these small relatively cheap heat sealers we are also the agents for the Doboy range of packaging equipment which included high speed rotary heat sealing machines and specialized equipment such as flowline wrapping machinery.


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  • Spray Guns/nozzles
  • Bag Closing, Adhesive
  • Bag Closing, Heatseal
  • Bag Closing, Sewing
  • Carton Closing/glueing Equipment
  • Carton Erectors
  • Carton Forming, Closing
  • Carton Sealing, Top/bottom
  • Case Sealing
  • Deboning Equipment
  • Glueing Machines
  • Sealing, Heatseal
  • Sealing, Hot Air
  • Sealing, Thermal Impulse
  • Tray Erectors, Carton
  • Single Point Lubricators