Kay Industries

Kay Industries (Pty) Ltd is a South African company that commenced trading in January 1981. Over the past three decades the Kay Industries' range of representation has grown to incorporate several companies and brands as well as offering clients the following products and corresponding services: can-welding, seaming and beading machinery, metal decorating machinery, metal slitting equipment, palletising and conveyor systems and quality control equipment.


+27 011 624 7000
  • Can End Feeding, Stacking, Transfer
  • Can Handling
  • Can Leak Testing
  • Can Seaming Machines
  • Inspection Equipment
  • Label Printing/applicating Machines
  • Palletising & Stacking
  • Testing Equipment
  • Leak Testing Equipment, Phials
  • Can Printing/coating/drying Equipment
  • Can-making Machines